About Will

Digital Marketing Exec by Day, Comic Book Lover by Night

I’ve been a paid intern, an unpaid intern, a freelance marketing exec and a full time communications associate among many other positions. I’ve worked in an agency on brands like The Body Shop and Mecca Bingo and in a charity communicating the benefits of the Arts to disenfranchised people both young and old.

I pay for all the comics I review with my own money, so content will generally lean towards stuff I deem worthy to buy. Just a fair warning. If anyone wants to send review copies of anything, they would be greatly appreciated.

I’m pretty active on Twitter and Tumblr, so come say hi there!

Fun Facts:

  • Accidental Elvis impersonator
  • Former Trainee Lucha Libre Wrestler
  • Tapdanced and acted in an east London version of West Side Story at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Played trumpet on stage with the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Avid comic book reader, regular convention goer (cosplays Captain Marvel/Shazam)
  • Played “bass” in video game Rock Band before release on stage in Trafalgar Square for IGN.com

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