Supermarketing: Digital Marketing Advice and Lessons from Superhero Comics

Welcome to Supermarketing!

Supermarketing is a series sharing the lessons we can learn from the world of superhero comics about digital marketing.

Ever wondered what reading Superman can teach you about copywriting? Have you considered what you would do if your career gets rebooted? What about taking teamwork advice from the Avengers?

From secret identities to super villains, Supermarketing can teach you what you need to stay super in digital marketing.

Links to all the posts are listed below:

Secret Identities


Supervillains (Coming Soon)

Avengers Assemble (Coming Soon)

Spidey Sense (Coming Soon)

Healing Factor (Coming Soon)

Reboots (Coming Soon)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Coming Soon)

Crossovers (Coming Soon)


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