Hello (Again) World!

Hi everyone, long time no blog, eh?

Just a little post to let you know what I’ve been up to, and what’s coming next for this page.

Since I last posted, I’ve graduated from university, been through a bunch of unpaid internships, moved back home, got a job at a charity and got engaged! A lot to fit into just over 2 years, but things have been pretty crazy. As you can tell, this didn’t leave me a massive amount of time to dedicate to blogging. I’ve done a little here and there, for instance the collaborative blog I ran with my fiancée The Bat and the Battle, but my main blog has been left wanting. I’m more settled now, a little more mature and ready to get back into it.

After helping Georgia finish her Masters in Publishing, I got the itch to start writing again myself. Her final thesis was on the rise of female readership for comic books, and helping out with all that research, as well as my own exponentially expanding interest in comic books solidified what would be the new direction for this site. It’s time to delve into the weird, wonderful world of comic books!

This blog has changed direction a few times. It started off as a music review blog, then it veered off into reviewing videogames and movies. Later, I used it to practice news writing, attempting to keep on top of the nerd news cycle. I even branched into reviewing comic books once before. Hopefully I can bring a little more focus back into the blog now.

As you can hopefully see, the site has undergone a redesign and had a fresh lick of paint. Right now, I’m planning to focus on 4 article strands:

  • What’s the Hubbub, Bub? – Comic Book news with commentary, looking into the stories that have got people talking
  • So you liked… – Comic book recommendations based on other media, like TV shows, Film, Books and Games
  • Reviews – Comic book reviews, ideally within a week of issue release
  • Top 10 Lists – Because clickbait, and because they’re fun.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be other kinds of articles, and that I won’t write about anything non-comic related. I’m just making sure that I have a focus, and that all my readers know that focus going forward.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far, and thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. I hope you stick with me as I try an all new direction. I’ll see you in the first new post, a review of Batgirl #35, coming soon!


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