Marvel’s Next Film Hero is Dr. Strange

Strange Tales are being prepared for the big screen

Marvel is slowly rebuilding its expansive, interconnected comic book universe on the silver screen, and it seems that one of their, if you’ll excuse the pun, strangest heroes is on his way to join the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Marvel have approved a script for a Doctor Strange motion picture written by Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly, of ‘Sahara’ and ‘Conan’ fame, and are currently searching for a director.

Doctor Strange is the epitome of the magical side of of the Marvel universe, just as Thor is exemplary of the mythological stories, and Iron Man the technological. As such, he might just manage to find a niche in the already crowded superhero film genre, just as he did in the comic books on which the movie would be based. While never their most popular hero, he is highly regarded by comic fans and an integral part of Marvel’s fictional universe. With the increasing successes Marvel are having with their current run of interconnected films, it makes sense for them to take a risk on a character they consider so vital to the franchise. His comic was originally paired with Nick Fury’s re-launch, so bringing the two characters together on film would certainly please the fanboys.

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was one of the world’s greatest neurosurgeons, but his talents and high wage caused him to become selfish and arrogant. When his hands were irreversibly injured in a car accident, he begins a search to find any way possibly to fix the damage and maintain the life to which he had become accustomed. He eventually takes a gamble on a hermit in the Himalayas (just go with it) known as the Ancient One, but is refused help due to his selfish nature. As you’ve probably already guessed, he then selflessly saves the hermits life, proves his worth and is granted magical powers and a magical new pair of hands. The obsession and  talent that once made him a brilliant surgeon eventually pushes him to study magic and become the Marvel universe’s Sourcerer Supreme.

Popular in the 1960s for its psychedelic visuals and tinge of eastern mysticism, Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s most visually engaging heroes. It is no wonder then that Pan’s Labyrinth helmer Guillermo Del Toro was at one time working on a Doctor Strange adaptation with author Neil Gaiman, though it is unlikely either of them will be involved in this new film set to go into production after the release of the Avengers in 2012.

With the film officially in the works, its time for the casting rumour mill to go into action. I am going to throw Hugh Laurie’s name into the hat, but feel free to leave your ideas as a comment below.

Source: Empire Online


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