Willy for Single of the Year 2009

Sometimes, one song is all you need. One song to catch someone’s imagination. One song to encapsulate the mood of society. Or just one song to get you up and dancing. Digital downloads are making it so much easier for people to find that one song, and this year’s winner is the result of just that. One song, capturing the mood a group of people, and cherry picked out as it’s own entity. So many great songs came out in 2009, it was a difficult decision, but in the end the Willy for Single of the Year 2009 goes to…

Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine

2009’s Christmas No.1 was a late entry into the running for Single of the Year, but when it came around, it was a shoe-in. It is a symbol that Facebook groups can actually make something happen, rather than be group pipe dreams. It proved that the Bitish public still have a hint of the punk rebellion within them. It showed that despite their television dominance, we still have a choice about who ends up being Christmas No. 1. Yes, after the event people have moaned that Rage Against The Machine are on the same parent label as the X-Factor singles. Yes, people were still doing what they were told when they bought it, in an ironic twist on the song’s message. I don’t think any of this really matters. We still have a sense of humour, we still care about the Christmas No.1 slot, and thanks to Rage Against The Machine’s generosity, we’ve all raised some money for charity too. I think that’s deserving of an award, don’t you?

Honorable Mention: Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal


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