iTunes Single Of The Week: Apple Bobbing- Joe Goddard

"Few people could encapsulate both rustic and electronic"

If there is ever a song to not judge by song title and album title, let alone its cover, it would be this week’s iTunes Free Download. Apple Bobbing is from the album Harvest Festival, the debut solo album from Joe Goddard, of Hot Chip fame (Of which the album art is a still life of a bowl of fruit). One thing you will instantly be able to work out from the artist is the genre. Yes, despite the rustic appearance, this song is electro, and really nothing more. It’s even an instrumental, so nothing you hear on this track came from anything that didn’t need to be plugged in.

There’s not much to say about this song because, to be honest it’s pretty much just cheery electro by numbers. Ok, there’s a light sprinkle of melancholy, but not enough to bring you down. My main gripe is that a lot of electronically produced tracks follow the same formula, and Apple Bobbing is no different. You start with a few basic layers, and slowly build up the thickness of the sound. Then about half way through, drop out some of those original layers for effect, leaving the newer stuff. Then bring everything back in after a few bars, before gradually removing layers, ending up back where you started by the end of the song. Sound like any song you recognise? Well, it describes this song too.

Is it worth downloading? Well, for me, no. I doubt I’ll go back to this, and I’m honestly considering deleting it to make space for stuff I’ll enjoy more. If you like electro-pop or are a fan of Hot Chip, it may be worth more to you, but I find it does nothing to catch my attention in any real way.


Available here: Week of 22/11/09


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