Gama Bomb- Tales From The Grave In Space

"Metal. The darkest, most brutal genre of all."

Ahh, metal. Where would we be without you? To be honest, metal has been a far more influential genre than a lot of people give it credit for, which is very surprising, considering how silly a genre it can be. At times, it’s multitude of subgenres can make it seem like it has identity issues too. Does it want to be brutal and hard to listen to, or does it want to be soaring and epic? Not to mention the break-off arms of the genre, like Industrial and 80s glam metal. Still, there seems to be a consensus around a group of fans as to what makes “true metal” and Gama Bomb seem to hit this, with a big dollop of fun.

Ok, so what should “true metal” have? For this, we look back to the 70s, and bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Dark, fantastical themes, soaring vocals reaching into the giddy heights of falsetto, massive guitar distortion and a heavy bass presence all make metal the genre we recognise. Gama Bomb have all this in droves, and combine it all with the brutal speed of thrash.

One thing that turns a lot of people off metal is the perceived seriousness of it all. Metal is seen as a big, boys only club, where blood, death and destruction are discussed at eardrum destroying volume. Gama Bomb, on the other hand, are anything but serious (but may still break your eardrums). I could try and describe their brand of fun to you, but just let me give you a sample of their song titles, and some choice lyrics from them and let you work it out for yourself. It’s better this way, I promise:

New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.: centurions/of a second breed/robots/powered by piston steam/

Three Witches: and now you’ve no balls/eyeballs that is

Escape From Scarecrow Mountain: come on honey/stop acting funny/let’s get romantic/ow!

Mussolini Mosh: the slippery slope to genocide/but we know your legs won’t let it slide

Return To Blood Castle: the lord of the manor’s been up to no good/and now he must pay

Now, tell me you can take this band seriously. Don’t worry if you can’t, I very much doubt they want to be taken seriously. This is an album of silly fun, playing on the stereotypical expectations of metal. Musically, it’s not amazing, but very little metal ever is. For instance, I’m pretty sure this whole album is in the same key, as there have been numerous times when I’ve not realised when one song ended and another began. Also, there’s not as much of the guitar virtuosity some other bands have either. Though it isn’t completely absent, as seen in songs such as Polterghost, for instance, it is a lot more subdued than hat you would get from power metal bands such as Dragonforce. The rest of the band seems to be there just to play bloody fast, and create a good mood to hold up the really enjoyable narratives of the vocals. If you love metal, you’ll love this album, so feel free to add a point to my score at the bottom of this review for yourselves, metalheads. If your not a metal fan, it’s still worth a look, even just for a good laugh at the sillyness of it all.


Standout tracks:

New Eliminators Of Atlantis B.C

Mummy Invasion

We Respect You

Click here to get a free download of this album, directly from the band themselves!


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